Mike and Meg Hart's Wedding music [9th Sept. 1967]

No.Music pieceNotes
 1.J.S. Bach:Wachet Auf

Wachet Auf, ruft uns die Stimme (‘Sleepers Awake’)
J. S. Bach
also known as ‘Zion hears the watchmen calling’. Listen out for the incredible way
in which left hand and right hand play
 different melodies which combine!

 2.G.F.Handel: Water Music

Water music suite: Air
G.F. Handel
Traditionally played at weddings - not sure why!

 3.H. Purcell: [Hymn]
'Christ is made the sure foundation'

Christ is made the sure foundation (hymn)
Henry Purcell
Sung by all major denominations (Catholic, Anglican,Methodist)
This is the
 music that Pope Benedict processed to when visiting Westminster
Abbey on 21st September,2010. A major ecumenical occasion - worth watching on YouTube at: Pope Benedict
Url of clip is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cR9NHXnbxlU
Some of the comments accompanying the YouTube clip are fascinating as well

 4.J.S.Bach: 'Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring'

Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring
J. S. Bach
A particular favourite which was sung for us by a friend who was a trainee
opera singer (Austin Huchison) in 1967 - and performed again on the
trumpet (Clive Skinner) at our 50th wedding celebrations in 2017

 5.Charles Wesley:[Hymn]
'Love Divine, all love's excelling'

Love Divine, All Love’s excelling
A Charles Wesley hymn, traditionally performed at weddings

 6.J.S.Bach: Toccata and Fugue

J. S. Bach of course!
Joyous, dramatic and emotional to process down the church
at the end of the ceremony.

  7.Visit of Pope BenedictThe first Pope in history to visit an Anglican Cathedral- Westminster Abbey
  8.Composite mp3 combining all of the above

How do we remember all of this after 50 years?
By an extraordinary act of good fortune, the original organist’s notes (on a sheet of lined paper) fell out of our wedding album when we digitised the photos in 2017 and, thanks to the Internet, we have managed to match up recordings that very closely approximate to the original renditions in 1967. The music is available at:http://wedding.mch-net.info/music.html and the original html file for the slideshow is also located there (slide_show2.html) and the slideshow can be run at http://wedding.mch-net.info/slide_show2.html
You can access individual photos/music tracks via the following link: http://wedding.mch-net.info

  [Harrogate, 1997]
  1.Mike's speech
  2.Meg and Mike's speech
  [Kidderminster, 1997]
  3.Clive[aged 85!]- trumpet solo